Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Rainy Rainbow Day

Turns out that on a stormy day, an indoor rainbow is just as good as an outdoor rainbow.
Rainbow fruit and veggie kabobs:
Also to eat: rainbow goldfish crackers, leftover rainbow M&Ms, and a rainbow of juices (well, except for the blues--turns out there are no blue juices, so for blue we had Hawaiin Punch, and it was a BIG hit!).

Rainbow reading nook:
Elastic Thread Black By The EachAlso to do: making rainbow edible bracelets out of Froot Loops and stretchy elastic thread, coloring on a mural wall of butcher paper duct-taped up in the living room, running around in the yard and getting muddy and spraying the hose between rainshowers, and all of the girls' toys. Toys are good.
And after:
Thrilling, this cake.

The rainbow party girls:
They were excellent party hosts, polite and generous and grateful and friendly. Well, at the exact end point of the party, when Matt was spraying children's feet mud-free with the garden hose, Willow did throw mud right in his face, but like we always say, if you're not carried screaming hysterically from a party, then you clearly didn't have any fun.

Oh, and she apologized later.

In other news, one of the nice things about throwing a children's party is the plethora of sensible parents who also attend. As I limped barefoot across the front yard, one mom friend asked me why I was limping. I explained to her that I'd managed to puncture the top of my foot with a stick over at the community garden on Wednesday, and it was still red, sore, and swollen. Immediately, I seemed to be surrounded by a swarm of lecturing mothers, under whose close investigation I do come to wonder, myself, at my situation. I mean, I can't put on my shoe! That's probably not good, now that one comes to think about it.

Therefore, as soon as the party finished, I got on the phone with my insurance's nurse help line (she also lectured me), then bullied on the shoes, got in the car, and after only a brief stop at Vintage Phoenix for Free Comic Book Day, I found myself at the walk-in clinic, with a tetanus shot, an antibiotics prescription, and an order to stay in bed with my foot elevated today.

A day in bed?!? It's like Mother's Day came early this year.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great party was had by all. And Julie, have you not learned anything from me with my three staph infections in the foot??? Ttt, Ttt Ttt.

julie said...

Eh, you still have the foot, can't have been that bad!

Little said...

I heart my big

Unknown said...

Um, yeh and that is why I am supposed to wrap it every night to keep the swelling down.

cake said...

thrilling, indeed! that cake is amazing. i also love the picture of the girls in their matching over the top rainbow wear. it does look like sydney might have had a couple of outfit changes throughout the day, no?

glad to hear you are taking care of your foot. but honestly, you couldn't have before then, you had a rainbow party to throw!

Anonymous said...

Seriously rocking food at your party! If you're looking for another career, you might want to add party planner to your list. Hope your foot is feeling tons better by today!

chocolatesuze said...

awesome cake dude love how you didnt ice the sides so you can see the beautiful colours of all your layers

Mama Jenn said...

The rainbow cake looks GREAT! One of my boys saw the cake and immediately told me that that was what he wanted for his birthday...unfortunately, I already made the cake...and it is not a rainbow cake!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

julie said...

Yeah, Sydney had a few outfit changes throughout the day--not because she got her clothes dirty, mind you, but just because costuming is V important.

The rainbow birthday cake didn't last very long. Wonder if I should make another one...