Friday, May 28, 2010

My Child as a Confederate Soldier

Do all history museums let kids dress up like a Confederate Soldier, or just the history museums in the South?
It definitely takes a special kind of history musem to have a real, live, working soda fountain:

Although sprinkles may be a more modern invention:
But after eating a lot of ice cream (with an old-fashioned cherry coke for me and a strawberry coke for my mother), there is nothing better than to run around outside on the grounds of the old Fort Smith, chasing covered wagons--
--and doing a happy little jig next to the gallows:
Unfortunately, it wasn't the anniversary of any executions, and so the noose wasn't up. Can't have everything, I guess...

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CiCi said...

Please include a photo of les girls clinging to Mr Peanut's ankles!