Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I Rawk at Tetris

I accepted, met, and EXCEEDED the challenge put out by the St. Louis Science Center, which sadly did not put its money where its mouth was:
I love Tetris. LOVE it. I can remember sitting in civics class in junior high, playing Tetris in my head the way that I've heard that really smart people play mental chess, or mental baseball. Of course, I was a really smart 80s Nintendo nerd who'd never even touched a chessboard until I bought one myself with my own money at Wal-mart later that year, so I played mental Tetris.

The girls, too, enjoyed these Tetris magnets--
--which reminded me that I totally have some magnet-backed felt at home (bought at clearance from Joann's, and likely put on clearance because it's such an odd item), and I am TOTALLY going to make my own set of Tetris magnets when we're done with our road trip.

Speaking of road trips...I showed the girls how to use a rotary dial telephone at the local history museum today. They did NOT get it--Sydney kept just poking her finger at each number, no matter how many times I demonstrated the dial procedure, just poke, poke, poke, and I was all, raising my voice, "You have to DIAL it, that's why it's called a DIAL telephone, because you DIAL the number!!!"

When is the last time that you actually dialed a telephone number?


cake said...

that is so funny, about the dial phone. it kind of makes sense that perhaps they have never dialed anything before. this generation doesn't know the verb "to dial."

carl's brother actually still uses a dial phone, at his house. so, cosmo has had a chance to check one out.

Kate said...

Wow, it's probably been about 20 years since I've had to dial a phone.

Thank you for sharing the link to the tetris magnets. I've got to make them!