Saturday, April 10, 2010

These Dinosaurs are for Monetary Gain

We are FINALLY back in the groove of business as usual over here. Meaning, of course, LOTS of business and good things that happen. We got the morning pain meds and antibiotics and bandage change done, with only one tantrum (big improvement!!!), and hit up our Montessori garage sale (and bought toy ponies and stuffed kitties and a board game about musical instruments and a wooden map of Europe puzzle and several children's craft magazines and a felt book about animal habitats with loads of little felt animals to put in it and a remote control T-Rex and another kit to paint a plaster T-Rex that I've been eyeing in the stores but it's been too expensive but this one is pretty much BRAND-NEW, SCORE!) and went to the Bakehouse for breakfast for Matt and the littles and coffee for me, and got free cookies and coffee cake there on account of our food took half an hour to come, and I love you, Bakehouse, and thanks for the goodies, but I am NEVER going in on a Saturday morning again.
And then Matt went to work out and the kidlets got so involved in The Land Before Time: Movie Bookthat I actually got the chance to sew, which I have not done for a while now, THANK you infected lymph node.

I made:
Ah, bliss! You'll likely notice that these dinosaurs are also T-shirt fronts stitched to quilter's cotton in a log cabin pattern (Courthouse Steps, to be precise). These, however, are to be sewn into a quilt for my pumpkinbear etsy shop, or perhaps my May craft fair, for the season is again nigh.

Then, of course, I had to suck it up and submit to an item that the girls requested be put on the calendar almost a week ago, and I put if off as long as possible, but I could reasonably put it off no longer...

We ate lunch at China Buffet. Barf.

However, after China Buffet (the girls' favorite food items there? Macaroni and cheese, and ice cream. See? Barf!), we came back home, and while the girls and I picked interesting violets and followed the paths of bees and stared at spiders and pestered slugs, my Matt fixed up the compost bin and then assembled my most favorite item of summer infrastructure:
See, what did I tell you?


cake said...

you look so relaxed in that hammock. i bet you didn't get to stay there too long.

you know you can eat the violets, right? they are lovely in a salad.

julie said...

I probably got to stay in that hammock about two minutes, and then either somebody jumped on me or I remembered that I had to start dinner a half-hour ago. But even a hammock in two-minute intervals is still two minutes of bliss.