Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rainbow Project #3: Rainbow Party Playlist

Rainy weekend! Instead of a lot of gardening, I did a lot of sewing:
Notice that the dinosaur quilt has finally reached the binding stage--what has it been...a month now? And after MUCH swearing, I broke out my newer sewing machine (thanks, Grandma Bangle!) to sew some buttonholes, acknowledging that the presser foot plate on my older, and constantly used, sewing machine is too thrashed to do a zigzag stitch without fraying up the thread. I totally got Matt up in there to see if he could rig some sort of repair, but after HE swore a few swores, I have made peace in my head with the fact that I will just use two sewing machines from now on. Nothing wrong with that.
Instead of a lot of goofing around outside and going to the park to goof around and maybe taking the two-wheeler pedal bike out for a spin, Willow did a lot of computer games and painting and puzzles:
I really, really, REALLY love this puzzle, scored from the Montessori Garage Sale, entitled "Industries of Europe." I have a serious weakness for geography puzzles in which the pieces are shaped by geographic boundaries. That, and it cracks me up to watch Willow trying to fit France all sorts of places--Soviet Union, Egypt, Iceland...hmmn.

The biggest weekend project, however, has been to create the most crucial component of Sydney's upcoming rainbow party---The Rainbow Party Playlist. I love a good party playlist, ask anyone. Seriously, anyone.

The playlist's theme is, of course, the rainbow, and all the songs are about rainbows, or at least prominently feature a rainbow metaphor. I have some jiggering to do--there are a LOT of sappy rainbow songs out there, which is bringing down the middle of my playlist, and I still have to score the original Judy Garland "Somewhere over the Rainbow" and an unmixed version of that Hawaiian dude's cover of the same, but here it is in essence:
Color Wheel Cartwheel
1. "The Colors of the Rainbow in English" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
2. "Rainbow" by Colbie Caillat, from Breakthrough
3. "Rainbow Colors" by The Wiggles, from Racing to the Rainbow. Have you ever read the Wikipedia entry on the Wiggles? Fascinating.
4. "She's a Rainbow" by The Rolling Stones. I'm gambling that the young partygoers, who will range in age from infancy to six years or so, aren't going to get the metaphor in this one, so it's cool.
5. "Arco Iris" by Sol Y Canto, from El Doble De Amigos
6. "The Colors of the Rainbow in Spanish" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
7. "True Colors," from...ahem...Glee, the Music, Volume 2 (thanks, Kimberly!!!)
8. "The Colors of the Rainbow in Dutch" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
9. "Rainbow" by Paul Lippert, from Rainbow in the Sky
Here Comes Science10. "The Colors of the Rainbow in Japanese" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
11. "Look to the Rainbow" from Finian's Rainbow
12. "The Colors of the Rainbow in French" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
13. "Rainbow Connection" covered by Willie Nelson
14. "That Terrific Rainbow" from Pal Joey
15. "The Colors of the Rainbow in Italian" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
16. "Roy G. Biv" by They Might be Giants from Here Come Science
17. "The Colors of the Rainbow in German" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
18. "Eat Like a Rainbow" by Jay Mankita from Putumayo Kids
19. "Rainbow Connection" covered by Jason Mraz from For the Kids Too
20. "The Colors of the Rainbow in Farsi" from Color Wheel Cartwheel
21. "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the Frog

Later this week, I suppose, I'll deal with the less important details of the upcoming party--plates, silverware, napkins, mowing the lawn--you know, the minor details.

P.S. Check out my review of Making Waldorf Dolls over at Crafting a Green World. As soon as local, happy sheeps get sheared, I'm making myself--I mean, the girls, ahem--a hard-core, true-to-life Waldorf doll.


cake said...

oh my! i know how long it can take to put together a play list. that alone would have taken my entire weekend.

the neighborhood plant exchange got postponed until next weekend, but i am holding onto a baby husk cherry/ground cherry plant, just for you!

kirsten said...

Oh, you need 'The Spectrum Song' sung by one of those disney mcduck's (can't keep them straight).