Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Eggs are No Match for These Two

Painted wooden eggs hiding in the hay:Felted wool eggs hiding (sort of) on the wall:I covered some of the wooden eggs with a few coats of gesso before we painted them----which makes them look just a little more "eggy," don't you think?We made ample use of the plastic Easter eggs that we received in our Dinosaur Swap package from Craftster (thanks, 6iggle!):They were light enough to score some pretty sweet hiding spots:Of course, all of this was no match for my little bunnies----who are, as it turns out, VERY good egg finders:Yay for spring:
The girls are at a playdate and Matt is at work, so that means that any leftover chocolate rabbits belong, by rights, to me.


cake said...

sounds like this was written in the calm before the storm.

Jennifer said...

I like your chocolate rules and think we might have to adopt them over at my house too! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for stopping by.