Monday, March 1, 2010

WIP: The Dinosaur Log Cabin T-Shirt Quilt

That's an unfortunate mouthful. However, it is a T-shirt quilt--well, the center of each block is a T-shirt panel, with quilter's cotton prints pieced around it, so it's a kind of T-shirt quilt hybrid, perhaps:
And it is a log cabin pattern--Courthouse Steps, to be precise. It's not a perfectly traditional log cabin, because none of the pieces are necessarily the exact same width and I've not paid much attention to the values or the diagonal, etc. (you would not believe how difficult it was to figure out the simple math for this, although in our defense, when Matt and I were trying to work it out, we were enjoying a couple of nice glasses of sangria and we had two extra children running around the house--hence the sangria), but it is symmetrical:
And it is DEFINITELY dinosaurs. I can't even tell you how long I have been "working" on this quilt. I redid the pieces that I tried out originally, because they were awful, but I am super-proud of how everything is turning out this time. These hybrid blocks will likely be interspersed with log cabin blocks made solely of cotton prints, but I haven't gotten that far in my head yet.

I'm just going to roll with the momentum that I've got so far, and good luck that the whole damn thing doesn't get put away again for another year. Thank gawd the kid still loves dinosaurs!


Jim Borthwick said...

Those look fantastic. I know not how to operate a sewing machine. Do you suggest the same steps for a needle, thread, and two fingers?

julie said...

Just add an extra 1,000+ hours to your project, and sure!

Or I'd also be willing to trade a dinosaur log cabin T-shirt quilt for the PERFECT recipe for a chocolate tofu peanut butter icebox pie. Vegan, please.