Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups: Good, but Not Reese's Good

First of all:
Suck it, Will Shortz! I OWN you on Mondays! The rest of the week...let's not discuss it right now.

So I've been wanting to try Alicia Silverstone's chocolate peanut butter cups for a while now. They're vegan, and she said that they're better than Reese's. Y'all, seriously. She SAID that. And they're VEGAN!

I already knew there were delicious vegan desserts in the world. There's after all, and my dear friend Mac's tofu peanut butter icebox pie to consider. Thanks to Vegan Lunch Box, I make a mean, and delicious, chocolate brownie that's sweetened entirely with pureed fruit and some maple syrup, and my fantasy life revolves around an entire cookbook filled with nothing but such wonders, but these vegan chocolate peanut butter cups...they're good and all, but they didn't so much wow me.

You start with the cutie little cupcake liners:
I bought these at Daiso back in August. Aren't they cuuuuuute? I have no idea what the Japanese on them says--it's probably something filthy.

Then you make the peanut butter filling, and you put that in:
Mine is so dark because the filling is half graham cracker crumbs, and I have chocolate graham crackers left over from chocolate graham cracker haunted houses. That's packrattitude for you (I totally just made that up!)

Finally, you spread the melted chocolate/soy milk mixture on top:It looks crazy yummy, right? And it is good. I think I'm just mad because Alicia Silverstone SAID that they were better than Reese's, and so I was all, "Mmmm, I'm going to eat these, and they're going to be better than Reese's, but not as bad for me, and also vegan!"

That's not how it happened. But the kids adore them, at least:Because, you know, it's so hard to get kids to eat chocolate and peanut butter mixed with sugar.

I think that I'll make a curry tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

It actually does look and sound pretty darned good. I might have to try it just to see.

I got the Vegan Cupcake book from the library too, but there were only a couple of recipes that caught my eye AND that I thought I could handle without stocking my house with ingredients I won't ever use again.

julie said...

Did you make the margarita cupcakes? Those were the ones that I've been raving about for, like, YEARS!!! And they have tequila in them! And I still feed them to children!

I own that cookbook mostly for those, and I think there are some pumpkin ones in there? I tend to use up something if I buy it, but it pisses me off when, in this day and age, I still can't find an ingredient that's called for. I'm waiting to make the Thai black rice pudding from Vegan Lunch Box because I can't find black rice, and I had to make the chocolate peanut butter cups with refined white sugar because I couldn't find maple sugar.

cake said...

oddly enough, my kid turns up his nose at reese's. weird huh? he doesn't like peanut butter. i don't get it.

i will be using packrattitude. you rock!