Sunday, March 21, 2010

Someone Else's Hand-Me-Downs

Sydney is VERY picky about her clothes. This has made the process of receiving hand-me-downs from Willow tiresome, likely for all involved. The purging of the winter wardrobe and the unveiling of the summer bins this weekend have resulted in a large stack of hand-me-downs that Sydney will not wear at any price and that thus are destined for either resale or donation, a large stack of hand-me-downs that Sydney claims she will wear when (if) I get around to sewing on decorative buttons or flower appliques or stenciling unicorns, etc., and a small stack of hand-me-downs that were deemed suitable for wear as-is.

The girls are nearly the same waist size, only Willow is taller, so, cropped pants still being stylish (I hope), some of these hand-me-downs have actually gone back to their original owner. Those AWESOME camouflage pants that looked so cool on Willow when she was three years old actually look even cooler as calf-length capris, and some other pants are in the same large stack on my work table waiting to be cut into shorts.

In other words, though, thank GOODNESS for the Goodwill 50%-off Storewide Sale. Along with some more T-shirts for baby bags and quilts (how awesome will a Godfather baby bag be? SO awesome), ANOTHER dinosaur board game, a sheet that will become jammy pants, a brand-new Hello! Kitty Figure-Baking Oven that it's probably wrong to be this excited about, and other sundries, I bought several long-sleeved jersey cotton shirts in Sydney-approved colors and patterns-- --to be sewn into summer-weight skirts and leggings, and Sydney got to get some hand-me-downs that she thoroughly approved of:
You gotta love her sense of style, at least:

I'll try to remember that shirt when I'm up late sewing butterfly appliques onto an otherwise perfectly serviceable pair of pants.


Kimberly said...

I looked for you on Saturday :-)

julie said...

Any cool scores? You totally have to come over and play with my Hello! Kitty Figure-Making Oven sometime.

cake said...

even though you so generously posted the store-wide sale on FB, i decided not to go because *gasp* i didn't need anything, and am trying not to purchase things i don't need. even if they are 50% off. it is not easy, but i try.

that is so funny about sydney and her clothing. i DO love her sense of style.

cosmo has a tough time transitioning to short sleeves and shorts when the weather warms, but otherwise he couldn't care less about what he wears.