Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You Can't Catch Bupkiss with Your Eyes Closed

The girls LOVE their new bean bags. Very importantly, Sydney loves the new bean bags, and she loves the game that we've been playing on and off again all day: I throw her a bean bag and she catches it. If she can name the number stenciled on the bean bag, then she keeps it; if she can't, then she throws it back (and I tell her what the number is and then throw it to her again later). When she has all the bean bags, she "wins."

It's a good game. We've gone in the course of one day from nearly every digit from 0 to 9 being identified as an eight to only half of them being called an eight. Of course, before you can identify the number at all, you have to catch the bean bag. And to catch the bean bag, it would really help if you opened your eyes.

Which Sydney won't:
Oh, jeez:
Seriously, I probably snapped 50 shots of the baby catching bean bags, and in every picture her eyes are closed.
Will also loves the bean bags, and here are some of the games we play:
  • ordering the numbers from smallest to largest and largest to smallest
  • mental addition and subtraction
  • odds and evens
  • two- and three-digit number building
  • trying to hit stuff

I made an extra set of numbered bean bags, which is currently living in my pumpkinbear etsy shop. A third set is waiting for the next child's birthday party to which I'm allowed to bring a child's present (nope, not allowed to bring a present to the next party the girls are attending), and I'm hoping to make an alphabet set of bean bags and write a tutorial soon (yet these, I vow, will not be manipulated into serving as distractions for my book proposal revision. I VOW!!!).

And then...umm, would bean bags made for the memorization of dinosaurs, or Dremel bits, or types of legumes be out of order?


Anonymous said...

Out of order?

Dinosaurs - no
Legumes - Absolutely not
Dremel Bits - Maybe. Depends upon who is doing the catching

These turned out great!

Elisa said...

These are perfect! I needed a great idea for my boy's bday. He won't get the numbers, but that way his sister can get something out of it too... Hooray!