Thursday, January 21, 2010

From Her Sketchbook

Things currently on my mind:
  1. making 0-9 flashcard bean bags for the baby
  2. prepping for teaching my next cloth diaper class at Barefoot Kids this Saturday
  3. Must find out what paperwork is needed for homeschooling next year.
  4. Should I get tested for a wheat gluten allergy? Or maybe get one of those full-body scans to see if I have cancer?
  5. revising my book proposal for an interested agent who has not committed, but who has generously gifted me with tons of constructive criticism and an invitation to resubmit
  6. planning our summer trip to Massachusetts--the Boston Community Solar System Trail is, sadly, off exhibit for a while, but will DEF check out Artbeat
  7. Must figure out how to cut felt with Cricut without killing Cricut.
  8. Crockpot recipe for nutritional yeast casserole?
  9. Willow wants to make a pinball machine. Sydney wants to make more cookies.
  10. laundry

Things currently on Willow's mind, as evidenced by a long morning laying on the floor working in a lined steno pad:

Santa and His Reindeer, with Happy Moon and Star Funny Person Ice Cream Cone with Lots of Toppings Our New Ceiling Fan (courtesy of Willow's Grandma Janie and Poppa, who taught Willow many new swears in the course of its installation)

I don't know how often I think about Santa or the ceiling fan, but I, too, spend a lot of time with funny people and ice cream on my mind.


Anonymous said...

There are some good start-up info on homeschooling on our group's website:

Basically, my understanding is that you aren't even required to register with the state about homeschooling. I did it anyway because that little piece of paper they send you to confirm your homeschooling status is what I use to get discounts at B&N.

julie said...

Barnes and Noble discounts! Homeschooling is looking better and better!

When I read the stuff, it looked to me like you have to register your kid, but not until the year she turns seven, which won't be for another whole year for us, anyway. And I'm totally mailing in my LEARN membership this week!

Anonymous said...

BTW, you don't have to join LEARN to use our lovely website. ;) But, LEARN does have a huge number of kids who are about the same ages as your kids (it's the teens that are hard to find because most people end up sending their kids to ps or Harmony when they hit the teen years...and I am SO tempted some days, I tell ya), so you'll find lots of chances for social interaction (and socialization is what non-homeschoolers harp about all the time, having no clue how hard it is to NOT get the kids to have enough chances to socialize...getting home time, now that's hard!).

In fact, there's a Valentine party coming up...