Sunday, January 3, 2010

Because What Etsy Needs is Another Pinback

Obviously, you've just been dying for me to tell you something else fun that I can do with my Cricut. Ooh, and if I can photograph it using selective focus, then all the better, right?

Um, right?

Here are some one-inch pinback buttons that I've been playing with, using my Cricut and various images cut at 3/4", backed with 1" circles punched from vintage dictionary pages. I gave some of these out for my five friends giveaway, and some others are up in my pumpkinbear etsy shop:

Skull and Crossbones
And those were just the cut-outs that I liked in that size from the Paper Dolls Dress-up Cartridge. Just wait until I try out a cartridge like Animal Kingdom, or 50 States.
In other news, my belly is currently full from homemade quesadilla (it's Sunday, so I had to talk Matt down from his personal little tradition of two cheap frozen pizzas, but it was worth the effort), and later I plan to hit Goodwill in search of vintage T-shirts. An awesome good day, right?
P.S. Check out my tutorial for a matching game made from your own artwork, over at Crafting a Green World.


Anonymous said...

Well, duh, of course I've been dying for you to tell me what else you've been doing with the Cricut (which I still covet). :>

Very cool buttons! Hope your trip to GW was fruitful.

Anonymous said...

Julie! I love the pins, the CD, and the colored pencil roll. It was so much fun to get my little surprise package today. I hope you saw the photo Kimberly put on FB of the pin backs on my sweater.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

DenverDIYDiva said...

I would love to see/make some of those 50 states ones! But how do you make them large enough to make out the state outlines while still tiny?

Being from Colorado, I have it easy. But how about West Virginia?

julie said...

Ooh, a challenge! I have seven more vintage T-shirt baby bags to sew, and then I am TOTALLY going to play with 50 States pinbacks. But yeah, I'm imagining that not all states will work--Hawaii, for instance, is NOT going to work.