Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby's First Pointilist Abstract

These dot painters are sort of gimmicky, I totally admit that. I mean, they only do one thing: they paint dots.

Hence the name dot painters, you know?

And even though I originally bought them (at Learning Treasures, during their big summer all-store sale) to use as a travel activity, specifically for our plane trip to California last summer, I noticed as I was packing for that trip that each painter holds over an ounce of LIQUID paint.

The dot painters got packed away in the present closet, instead, and revealed themselves again at Christmas.

For a one-trick pony, however, they are really fun. Willow and I spent an entire evening not long ago covering sheet after sheet of Bristol board (I really should start buying some stock in Strathmore):
My artwork is generally pretty pedestrian:But Will's always pops with energy:
I didn't introduce the concept of pointilism or anything while we were playing, but I'm sure that in the future, the first time anyone exposes her to Seurat, she'll be all, "Oh, that stuff. Dude, I was doing that ever since I was five years old!"


cake said...

we received these as a gift once, and i had the same response you did. however, your post has inspired me to take them out for another spin.

Sara G said...

Cute! Willow's a modern-day, midwestern Seurat!