Friday, January 15, 2010

And Now I Move On to Beanbags

A number of infant baby bags made from awesome T-shirts (and one sock monkeys jersey cotton sheet) are now installed at Barefoot Kids:

And now I can move on to the very important matter of sewing beanbags and painting them with freezer paper stencils.

P.S. For my fellow Cricut obsessed, the tags are made with the Indie Art Solutions cartridge, cut out of cardstock and an old history book, with the holes punched by hand. It was a toss-up between the cassette tape and the electric guitar, but I like to keep things real, and I don't play guitar.

I do, however, listen to a mad number of cassette tapes on a daily basis.


Rach said...

Love them!!

Those cricuts are fab aren't they? I'd love one but a bit pricey for us right now!

LOL - I've always pronounced it 'cry-cut' until I saw (what seemed like) a 3 hour advert for it and she called it 'cricket'.... LOL Now the little green insect symbol makes a whole lot more sense!!!

julie said...

Oh, man--late-nights watching cable while visiting my parents for holidays is pretty much the whole reason I bought a Cricut. I STILL watch that three-hour informercial!