Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kids' Card Making: The Super-Simple Sticker Card

After playing around all they wanted to with the collage cards and the paper doll cards-- --the girls still had just a couple more cards that they needed to make for their Kids Craft Weekly Christmas card swap, so I pulled out the stickers:

I go back and forth on stickers--sometimes I hate them and think that they're wasteful and cause too much mess and aren't a creative tool, and other times I think that they're fun and portable and pretty mess-free and can be used quite creatively. My opinion on this depends, I think, on how many stickers we have in the house and, if we don't have any stickers in the house, how long it has been since we've had some.

The last time I bought foam stickers was last year during a big post-Halloween sale, I think, so there's been plenty of time for their absence to make my sticker-heart grow fonder. And I have been making it a habit (for a while, now, so hopefully it's not just a phase!) to be much more disciplined with the girls and with myself about keeping our environment neat and tidy--and boy, that's a lot of work, but it is nicer not to have sticker wrappers all over the house. Or uncapped markers. Or library books. Or whatever else I used to be too tired to keep up a constant hassle about.

However, with this last sticker purchase the stars aligned, and I bought a LOT. It was one of those Black Friday businesses when I was already at Michael's (I just happened to be there, you know, just to pick up a few things, only to find all these people standing in line just to get in the store! Weird!), and so their entire stock of foam stickers was marked down by 50%, and I had a coupon in hand for an additional 25% off of my total purchase, which meant that each of the sticker sets that I bought for the girls was $3, not including tax.

And that's why the girls have on their art shelves not just the Christmas set that they used to make their last Christmas cards, but, um, a dinosaur set, and an alphabet set, and an outer space set.

And in a month or so, when I am sick unto death of all these damn stickers again, I'll remember that at least I didn't buy the pirate set or the princess set. So there.

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Anonymous said...

Foam stickers are my idea of crafting heaven (they're super cute and mess-free), but the boys were never into them though so I didn't have to worry about the environmental impact or stifling their creativity. ;)