Sunday, November 15, 2009

Super Etsy

Sometimes good product shots require more than one photo shoot, I've mentioned. So after school on Friday, I drove the girls over to the ginormous playground at Lower Cascades Park, and put the superhero capes that I wanted to sell on them before saying, "Go play."

It was perfect weather, in a perfect playground, and we happened to stumble upon a group of some mom aquaintances meeting there (including the blogger behind Blog Schmog, if you're familiar with that one), so the girls even had a few playmates that they knew to frolic with.

I snuck in probably the barest minimum of what you could even generously call "product" shots, but I figure the most important things for potential customers to see, anyway, are how much freakin' fun it is to play with superpowers:

For a while when the girls were babies I had this thing for collecting fleece baby blankets--they were just so simple and so practical, and you could pick them up for a song at thrift stores--and I accumulated quite a few, none of which I would part with no matter how many times Matt would suggest that the babies were no longer babies anymore.

I'm glad I'm a packrat, because fleece baby blankets are PERFECT for superhero capes. Seriously, perfect. Although only the blue with polka dots fleece superhero cape and the patchwoork with elephant applique superhero cape are up right now in my pumpkinbear etsy shop, I do have several other cool blankies in the line-up, but the absolutely most coolest thing that I'm trying out in my shop is a listing for a custom superhero cape from a kid's own outgrown fleece blankie. I'm hoping that other people might think, like I do, that transforming a kid's old baby blanket into a superhero cape for them to treasure all over again is a fun idea.

I'm also trying out offering a free monogram on each cape (using my good old upholstery swatchbook, of course), although I'll have to remove that aspect from my listings if I get as busy before Christmas as I'd like to be.

I have a couple of other things that I want to kick into gear for my pumpkinbear etsy shop in the next few days--an ad spot on Craftster, some more listings, a coupon for my shop available to Craft Knife followers--but for now I'm going to bake a strawberry half-cake and grill some halves of veggie dogs and Amy's burgers.

Because, as a certain baby will tell you, she is, after all, three-and-a-half years old.

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