Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where Little Girls Go to Sleep

When Willow came to me tonight and told me that her teeth were brushed and she was ready to lie down together and watch Mythbusters, I had to tell her that Momma still had five big student papers to grade, and that Dadda wanted to lie down with her tonight.

This was unacceptable, and weeping ensued.

Lying down together of a night and watching a segment of Mythbuster is one of our most super-special times together, and enables me to properly train my daughters up in the way of the fangirl. Other super-special times together each day include letting her have a little bit of my coffee and handing her a section of the newspaper I'm reading each morning, giving her fancy hair before school (upon request), letting her use my camera and then dutifully admiring the 60 photos of the toy shelves that she's taken, etc.

Point is, we do have other super-special times together each day. But giving up even one of these times, even to give it to Daddy instead, is still greatly unwelcome (to both of us, frankly, but seriously, those papers are not going to grade themselves).

So my young daughter, weeping copiously, flung herself over to my fabric shelves, opened herself a bin of stash fabric, crawled inside--

And fell fast asleep.

The closest thing she could get to her momma when her momma didn't have time for her? Or just darn comfy?

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julie k said...

I just found you through Crafting A Green World and this post really reminds me of me and my daughter. I love the photo, too!