Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vintage Bookmarks, Vintage Kid

I paid one dollar for a vintage Patridge Family dress for the kid:

Hoo-boy, you gotta love the Salvation Army!

In other news, ever since the free day of the Red Cross Book Fair, we have been all record albums all the time! You should have seen me and the girls, at 10:00 on a Tuesday morning, the girls with their shopping cart and me with a big cardboard box, digging through every single box of records (and there were many) on the tables (many of those, too), running a full load out to the van in the pouring rain, and then back again to dig some more.

We scored some AMAZING vinyl, both to listen to and to craft with. Check this out: Free to Be You and Me (which is playing right now); Xanadu (sadly scratched, and now in the record bowl queu); Annie soundtrack (Broadway and film!); TOP GUN SOUNDTRACK (!!!!!); TWO recordings of excerpts from The Canterbury Tales, done in Middle English (and with excellent pronunciation, and I would know); a two-disc set of poetry for children; the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack; and all the Burl Ives and John Denver and Nutcracker Suites that you could want. I saw my friend Cake there, and she and I managed to dig through the record section at the same time without fighting over anything, although there was a LOT of gloating.

So while we've been listening to records all day, and I've been trying to whip out some more record bowls for what I intend to be my last craft fair of the year on Saturday, I am stoked to say that I have thoroughly mastered, not the comic book bookmarks yet, but the also-awesome record album cover bookmark:
I've got a tutorial for the record album cover bookmark up on Crafting a Green World, but I have to admit that fully half the tutorial is actually a sub-tutorial for tying an overhand eye knot:It's essentially a glorified overhand knot, so it's really no problem to figure out. I'd tried a lark's head with these bookmarks first, but it's too slippy--the overhand eye will stay nice and snug, even with the thicker ribbons and twine that I suggest.

Yep, add it to the tally: I'm a knot nerd.


cake said...

i got the partridge family record to match sydney's dress-i got it at the red cross book sale free day! it is one of the few things i scored that day which i could actually see myself listening to more than once. "i think i love you" is a decent song. seriously.
the captain and tenielle... well, let's just say the nostalgic sheen wore off halfway through the first side--revealing some thoroughly mediocre(if not down right shitty) music.

i did not realize that you had found a jesus christ superstar soundtrack. i almost mentioned it when i saw you (mentioned how badly i wanted to find a copy of that, for carl, depending on which version, and it's condion) but thought, "why? id' never be so lucky to find THAT at the free record day event." i should have told you, then you could have REALLY gloated.

kirsten said...

That dress is awesome. would look fab over some jeans!

Also, I am SUCH a nerd and am already in planning mode for my daughter's 10th bday - which isn't until June, but shut up about that. The idea came to me and I couldn't stop it. ANYway, I would like to make some record bowls, but need to know -are they food safe? Just for chips, m&m's? Seems like they should be okay...

julie said...

At Kirsten--Yeah, anything not hot would be totally fine in a record bowl. And making them is super-easy, although probably not super-great for your body, even if you're careful with the oven temperature. I had to restock record bowls big-time before yesterday's craft fair and so I made bowls for something like two hours, and then went to bed with a sore throat. Yikes. Usually, though, I stick to making just a few at a time, with no ill effects.

julie said...

@Cake--What I always think of when I think of Captain and Tenielle is this site:
This woman has posted her diary from the 1970s, when she was a teenager--starts young in 1973, but she grows up, and by 1979 it's very awesome. The best part, though, is what she mentions--all the TV shows, all the music, all the clothes she toooootally wants to buy. And she's OBSESSED with Captain and Tenielle, which always cracked me up, because yeah, totally barf.