Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Winter-themed pajama pants for Willow and Sydney

I had to move back to doing school stuff, and then craft fair stuff, and then etsy stuff, before I could sew these pants up or modify, since the patterns in Weekend Sewing seem to run small for adults and large for kids, the pajama pants pattern for myself and cut out some mitchy-matchies for me and the girls, but I'm glad that I was stalled, because that crotch seam, which the pattern leaves unfinished, did, as I had suspected it might, split in both Matt's and Willow's pajama pants. And so now I have those to repair, as well, as fellow WIPs. I can't decide if I should just reinforce the crotch seams on the pajama pants yet to be sewn, as I will with my repairs, or if I should switch to a stronger method--a french seam, perhaps, or is that a little much for some pajama pant crotches?

Twenty-Four Upholstery Sample Crayon Rolls for Wholesale

It makes such a difference to have a block of time to myself during the day, every day, knowing that the kids are happy and engaged at school. It's okay, too, knowing that next school year that block of time will likely go away, again, unless a windfall of private school tuition money somehow makes its way into the Montessori account books under our name. I'm just savoring my time to work alone during the day this year, sometimes running errands without two little helpers, sometimes grading papers and writing lesson plans, and sometimes, as I am this week, making up a large order of crayon rolls from my pumpkinbear etsy shop while watching Glee on Hulu and Swingtown on Netflix--insert happy sigh here.

Many Craft Books To Read and Be Inspired By

I'm especially looking forward to making a little time for and --both of these are looking to be crucial for my Christmas present crafting. I'm Pumpkinbear on Goodreads as well, so you should totally be my Goodreads friend, BTW!

Playing with Spoonflower

I don't know if I would ever get up the nerve to actually order something from Spoonflower--my free Spoonflower swatches were pretty great, but Spoonflower itself is mighty pricey--but I'm still interested in playing with it, and my dream is that someday Spoonflower will look something like Cafepress, in which you could purchase yardage of ANYBODY'S pattern, and they'd receive a nice commission for it. I'm also looking forward to getting the girls to draw some things to use as Spoonflower patterns.

Oh, and I also want to make a vintage buttons and upholstery sample set of numbers, introduce painting with acrylics on canvas to the girls, set up interviews with awesome IU alumni to write up for the IU Alumni Magazine (Jamie Hyneman and Greg Der Anian, call me!), bind some terrycloth with quilting cotton to finish the towel sets I started making for Matt and the girls a LONG time ago, sew two more mattress pad covers, revise my book proposal to send to a new set of agents, make a bunch of photo frames out of cardboard and hang up all my photos in the living room, put a new floor in the kitchen...

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Anonymous said...

I love your dream for Spoonflower! Let's sign a petition to get it going. :)

Boy, you're making me wanna send the kids off to school...

BTW, please give me your secret to accomplishing so much (and please don't tell me that you only need 2 hours of sleep every night because that's not going to cut it for me).