Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Our New Babies

Blueberry picking was hot work this morning:
At the u-pick blueberry patch, this one lady fainted and they actually had to call out the volunteer ambulance service. Unless I am just about dead, I NEVER give you permission to call the ambulance for me--Matt once paid something like $2,000 for a ten-minute ambulance ride across town to go get his forehead stitched up after he fainted and whacked his head on a table one time. And they didn't even run the siren for him.

We only ended up with about five pounds of blueberries this time (it only seems like a trifle when compared to the 13+ pounds of berries we left with last week), but the girls did leave the berry patch with a few other very precious things in tow:Tadpoles! Or, as Sydney refers to them, our new baby froggies. Notice their state-of-the-art habitat, please. Also notice that we'll be eating solely out of the pantry and freezer this coming week (thank goodness it's stocked with blueberries!), since I walked into the pet store thinking I'd need a little glass bowl and some fish food, and walked out with a 2.5 gallon aquarium, a set of four aquatic plants, two different colors of aquarium gravel (I have two little girls, you know), and a package of actual tadpole food. Seriously, there are tadpoles right on the front of the package.

So the babies are swimming in style right now, with their $26.14 worth of merchandise and their chlorine-free creek water from the creek a couple of blocks over.

But just look at their little faces: Aren't they adorable?


Anonymous said...

Just thought you might want to know if you live in an area with volunteer ambulance corps. Oftentimes, the volunteer ambulance doesn't charge you at all and the ride is free (if highly variable in quality). This is the case in New York anyway. There may be some local variances though. The Fort Worth EMS system is great but very pricey. I too once paid that 2000 dollar bill...

Unknown said...

The face only a mother could love.

cake said...

i never got to tell you that cosmo and i took some tadpoles home too, that first time, when we saw you guys. we did just put ours in a bowl, with their puddle water, and have only added rain water (i have seen what our tap water can do to gold fish from the county fair!).

we have not fed them much, they didn't seem interested in the fish food, but we do take them outside, in hopes of them feasting on some mosquito larvae. also, i have heard that they have a yoke sac to feed off of, until they turn into frogs. that would explain why our last batch of tadpoles actually survived into froggy-hood. well, a few of them did, anyway.

but, just in case, can we borrow some tadpole food?

julie said...

Come on over! We have enough tadpole food for tadpoles aplenty!

Matt tells this great story about how he had tadpoles as a kid. And he was all, "We didn't have to feed them," and then he was all, "But they escaped one day so we never saw them turn into frogs."

Escaped? To, perhaps, the "farm?"