Monday, July 6, 2009

If It Stands Still Long Enough, Stick a Dinosaur on It

With the house being immeasurably more clean and organized after this three-day weekend (during which it rained too hard to do any of the usual fun three-day-weekend stuff), this was the view outside the study today:
It's the painting of the half-finished and recently-rediscovered Pretend Mailbox--we're going to start the Pretend Mailbox tomorrow, I think, so I'll tell you about that next time.

And this was the view inside the study:

I have now reached the state of vinyl record crafting, upholstery remnant crafting, and dinosaur crafting that may just be located somewhere in Crazy Land: I have been appliquing dinosaur appliques, done in upholstery remnant fabric, onto old vinyl record albums.

I. LOVE. Them.

P.S. My post about Etsy ripping me off, over at Crafting a Green World, actually earned itself an editor's note that perhaps was intended either to cover CAGW's butt in case I get sued, or as a prequel to firing my crazy ass. In other news, however, Etsy gave me my money back! Phew. It's so much nicer to feel like the right thing happened in the world, just as you expected it to, than it is to feel like some faceless business stole from you, so add a couple of points to my mental health level tonight.

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