Friday, July 17, 2009

Five on Wheels

It's barely been twelve hours, but let me tell you, five is shaping up to possibly be my favorite age yet.

At five, my girl likes soccer:
She likes soccer more than I'll probably like it when these young British coaches go back to professional soccer playing in London (have I said it before? British accents + athleticism + early 20s + caring attitude towards small children = swoon), and she definitely likes soccer more than her little sister does:
Insert sounds of crickets chirping here.

At five, my girl may not necessarily have a lot of grace: But she does have wheels: And I mean WHEELS: And she's learned how to soak the coach? I dunno, Matt claims it's a legitimate thing, and he's the parent who was actually in organized sports as a youth, so I guess he'd know...

Cherishing a little kid, especially a roughneck little girl in a handmade 5 shirt and the proud owner of four pet tadpoles--it's a recipe for getting your heart broken every single day of your life:
But in a good way, you know?

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Abby said...

happy birthday willow!