Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer of the Close-Toed Sandal

The girls and I needed some sandals for the summer--good for creek-stomping, hiking to the Bryan Park Pool, jumping in puddles, etc. My priorities for the shoes I buy for myself and the shoes I buy for the girls are different. For myself, I want something non-leather and non-girly. For the girls, I want something sturdy and with terrific support for growing feet.

We all three ended up with Keens:
We ordered them off of Zappos, which Matt will NOT do. Matt insists that he needs to try on his shoes before he buys them, but I don't know why, because he always buys the cheapest shoes from the crappest stores and then refuses to admit that he has to buy shoes at least three times as often as I have to buy my more expensive, better-quality shoes. Anyway, I'm all lovin' on Zappos right now--at 8:30 pm the other night, right after the girls' bath, I called them in to pick out the color they wanted for their sandals (they wanted to match each other, but couldn't agree on the color, but then I pointed out that I bought orange for myself, so they both wanted to match me. I'm so all about these years prior to the ones in which the fact that Momma picked orange for her shoes means that they'll want anything EXCEPT orange for theirs).
The shoes were on our doorstep at around noon the next day. That's so fast that it feels kind of wrong.
Perhaps Zappos offers free shipping because their shipping method is illegal. Or uses technology that they can't yet admit to having. Or somehow involves Satan?


cake said...

i love zappos, and i love keen. i am due for a new pair of summer shoes myself. since i already know how a keen shoe will fit, i don't need to try them on first. i'll try not to get a matching pair, but forgive me if i do.

Kelsie said...

Great chocie for summer days... Sandals are looking awesome... I like the color of them...