Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Concert Outfit and the Concert

The concert outfit: Pelvis pendant by sushipot; skulls tank top by Torrid; crocheted shirt from Goodwill (I very carefully cut it away from an old-lady cream-colored pink shell that it was supposed to lie over, because, come on--if you're going to wear a black crocheted top, you're going to wear it over bare skin. Duh.); jeans from Goodwill (awesome, ass-hugging jeans that I hemmed yesterday morning with bias tape made from the cut-away part of the jeans); vegan blue boots from Vegetarian Shoes.

The concert: The music was hot, tight, and just right
some guy made a pass at Molly (twice!)
and I got into a fight.

In other words, it was perfect.


cake said...

i'm so glad you got to do that! sometimes i go out at night, without my sweetie, mostly because i like to go out, and carl doesn't really care to.

3 times, in the past year and a half, we have gone out TOGETHER, to hear live music (twice for "mount eerie" and once for "oneida"). all three times, we went after cosmo was asleep, and hired a babysitter (who basically watched tv, or did homework). it feels strange, for sure, but a nice treat.

Abby said...

said it before, and i'll say it look H.O.T. glad it was fun!

julie said...

I know, right? Once we were at the concert, the sweaty, heaving bosom barely lodged in what Molly kept insisting on calling "my boobie shirt" only added to the effect.

I also discovered about myself: 1) I have a hot temper, 2) I will fight, 3) even with a guy, and 4) I fight dirty.

I won handily.

Abby said...

more please.

julie said...

In my own defense, this was the first time I've gone out anywhere fun by myself without kids in years. And I'm short, so Molly and I got a pretty good spot pretty near the stage nice and early. And I'm a mom, so I don't take any crap.

So when a quartet of drunk frat guys thinks they can push past me in the middle of the concert so that they can stand in front of me and block my view of sweet, sweet Ketch and his hot fiddle, I plant my feet. So this guy pushes me. And I push him back harder. And he tries to sidle in front of me. And I elbow him.

And then he pushes the lady in front of me out of the way so that he can stand right in front of me, and I swear to god I don't know what came over me, I started pinching him! It's how I win fights when Matt and I wrestle, and you know what? It totally works!

Not only did dude move out of my way, but he apologized.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm in awe of you over your fight story. Holy moly...let me memorize your face so I never cross you in public.


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