Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Meet My New Micron Pen Roll

Isn't it fabulous?Sydney put the colors in order for me, so you know they're in perfect logical order and aesthetically pleasing, to boot:Again, like my marker roll, this one is loosely based on the colored pencil roll in . I have a couple hundred other things I'm going to try out from that book, too. And now, a fancy shot:In other news--you guys, I cannot get the City Museum out of my head! How often do you start the day taking the girls to yet another hands-on museum and end up doing the funnest thing you've ever done in your entire life? Oh, and I was so sore yesterday that I could barely move.

So Matt and I were doing some research on the City Museum and the story behind it is also really interesting. Bob Cassilly is the artist/"serial entrepreneur" who's behind it, who also, probably not coincidentally, created our other favorite thing in St. Louis, Turtle Park. Anyway, he and his former wife bought the old St. Louis Shoe Factory for 69 cents a square foot and created the City Museum in it. Matt tells me that originally, it was a non-profit, and the wife was president of the board. Later, however, Cassilly insisted on buying the building back from the board to make it a for-profit enterprise, and his wife was forced out of the business and they divorced and all kinds of scandal.

You know, though, this might be a little Green Party of me, but I think the idea of a for-profit museum, as long as it doesn't go all McDonald's/Disney World, is fine. Cassilly is clearly, after seeing the City Museum, a creative genius, and not only might a board of directors stifle some of his artistic decisions ("You want to stick an old plane where?!!! And let people climb on it?!!!"), but the museum seems to have an ethical system that's both eco-friendly and local, it's not crazy expensive to visit (although it is sort of non-crazy expensive), and hell, brilliant artists deserve to make good money.

Check out this great article on Terrain about the City Museum--Through the Dragon's Mouth. I found it really insightful, both in the philosophies behind the museum that the author uncovered and in her observations about how adults and children interact there. I wonder if I'm so drawn to the place because it's perhaps the first public place I've visited that seems to share my own guiding beliefs.
Oh my gawd, y'all--the City Museum is my church!


cake said...

yes it is fabulous. microm pens are fabulous, and deserve a special place to be. you say you don't like fiddly, but that looks awfully fiddly.

thanks to you, i almost have cosmo's family talked into meeting us in st. louis rather than omaha this summer. i hope it works out. i must see this place! plus, all the way there we could sing "meet me in st. louie, louie..."

julie said...

Oh dear, I know, I even IRONED with this project. And ripped out seams if I didn't like them the first time.

I don't know what it is. I tend to go a little crazy with stress at the end of the academic year (papers to grade, hands to hold, disgruntled students to whine at me), and sometimes, when I'm stressed, I act really, really weird. So yeah, I've been doing all this fiddly stuff lately--fussy patchwork, Artist Trading Cards, following instructions when I do stuff--weird.

I even made a garden journal yesterday, a lot like your bread journal. And you remember how I was all, "I love your bread journal! I'll never do that!"

Stress? Or fandom...