Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Festive at Clearance Prices

You will never find me out and about at your various retail establishments on the day after Christmas, snapping up wreaths and wrapping paper and little baby Jesuses or whatever, but the week after Halloween? Back off, sister, 'cause I need me some stuff!

On Monday, the girls and I barreled over to Joann's, a coupon for 10% off of my total purchase just burning a hole in my pocket, to find all of the awesome Halloween stuff still left on sale at 70% off. That's 80% off, my friends. 80% off is good.

So now the dress-up corner is richer by two fairy costumes (one pink, one blue), one skeleton costume, one dinosaur and two sequined fairy wands. Willow is sporting four new pairs of Halloween socks (I'm a goth girl at heart, in that I think that you should absolutely wear skulls and bats and ghosties all year round). The craft area now boasts even more face paint(very "Why So Serious?", right?) and a big box of foam stickers (another box is in storage, waiting to be given out as Halloween treats next year). The girls don't often get stickers just handed to them, so their work this morning was quite inspired:Sydney's all about pointing to and naming the stickers--bat, pirate, punkin--and instructed me as to which of the many display boards around the house she wanted her masterpiece pinned to.
I'm pretty impressed by Willow's art in particular today because she used four different media--crayon, markers, watercolor, and stickers--and incorporated it all into one narrative work: There are houses with Jack-o-Lanterns on the porches, and some of the houses have steps that lead up to them, and cats sit in front of all the houses. There's a spiderweb in the middle with a spider coming down, and in the sky, which is dark, are the things that fly and the moon and the big green wind.
In other news, the party for Will's little girlfriend went very well. The coloring pages were a huge hit
but I still feel like a tool because one mom's RSVP didn't get passed on to me and so two little kids didn't have coloring pages of their own (How does this sound? "Here's a very special drawing page, just for you! It doesn't have your name because it's for you to color your very own picture on it! Even better!").
Eh, at least there were cupcakes aplenty.

P.S. Check out my list of autumn-themed nature projects for adults over at Crafting a Green World. And, if you're into rubbernecking, check out the comments for my wool felt rant--I throw a huge hissy because one reader calls me a Very. Bad. Name. Look for it and reassure me--highly inappropriate, right?


Kimberly said...

It's just painful to read that person's comments. Once I found the first misspelling (and then the next, and the next, and the next) and the use of the word, well, you know, I knew this person was someone I was going want to continue reading. Oy.

Some people.

Kimberly said...

And, apparently, some people shouldn't comment on blogs at 8;30a.

That's supposed to say, "I knew this person was someone I was NOT going to want to continue reading..."

*le sigh*

julie said...

I know. The teacher in me felt like I had to instruct her in the premise behind why we behave as polite people in a polite society, but eventually I just had to leave it lie. Yech.