Saturday, November 8, 2008

Crayon Crayonis

We have just been on a melted crayons kick here today. You know, along with buying discounted Halloween costumes and face paint (both a BIG daily deal around our house), reading a lot of Dr. Seuss, discovering that the College Mall Kroger of all places has bulk nutritional yeast for sale, taking Matt to the doctor to get his pinkeye(!) diagnosed (will we never see the end of gross bodily ailments over here?) having the weekly phone conversation with my mother in which I beg her to PLEASE stop stockpiling plastic toys for the children's next visit (the latest atrocity? My Little Pony), cooking and consuming peanut butter oatmeal with honey, getting flat-out robbed selling gently-used children's clothing to Once Upon a Child, discovering that I do NOT like hazelnut-flavored coffee (barf!)--stuff like that.

I mentioned before that I collect those silicone baking molds when I can catch them on sale, just for making crayon crayonis (Latin for "crayon of crayon"--I have two Master's degrees. Sigh), and so today we made more leaves in autumnal colors:

and two sizes of hearts in Christmas colors: and pumpkins, of course, in very special Willow and Sydney colors:

And just so you know that I'm really a consumer at heart, here are other silicone molds that I covet:

But what do you do with big fat fancy crayons, you ask? Why, we colored:

And we colored:

And we colored, right up until Willow just randomly fell into bed, eyes already closed (I hate you, Daylight Savings Time!!! Freakin' MyManMitch!!!)

What did you color today?

P.S. Check out my rant about wool felt over at Crafting a Green World.


Kimberly said...

I had a feeling that Once Upon A Child would be a terrible place to sell all of Lex's clothes back. *pouts*

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful re-made crayons!

julie said...

Yeah, Once Upon a Child is really the only local place to sell, but they're super-picky. We only ever have the high-end brand names they mostly ever seem to buy because we find them at Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or dumpster-diving. I have heard of some people having luck with Craigslist or ebay by selling an entire size's worth of clothing--you know, a summer wardrobe for a six-month-old or something--but I've never tried it.

Yes, we do take pride in our re-made crayons here! It's one of the girls' favorite collaborative activities. BTW, I signed up for the soap workshop at Barefoot! You in?