Sunday, October 5, 2008

Headbands are a Check!

So the house is still pig-filthy, the girls are watching a movie (a Nova documentary on ants, on account of we're weird), I have not graded my two late Project #1 papers nor found a movie clip to show my students tomorrow NOR scheduled their upcoming(!) library day, and Matt and I have no idea what we're going to have for dinner after the kids are asleep, but never fear, my babies have headbands!I meant to just make Will some, since, you know, she's the only one who needs them, but obviously I ended up making matching everything for Sydney, and even a couple of matching ones for one of Will's best little girlfriends. I sewed a denim one for each girl out of old blue jeans and embroidered it, an alphabet-print one out of the fabric I scored at Strange Folk, and a red wool felt one out of what was formerly a dumpster-dived trenchcoat, but the most awesomest of all?

Kerchiefs!These have 3/4" elastic instead of ties, and if I'd known how well they hold my daughter's floppy hair out of her snotty face so that she doesn't constantly have to run her filthy hands through it, I'd have made the girls five of these and no headbands, because they are brilliant.

All that sewing, and we still had time for Matt's softball game (this is the tail end--the girls and I generally go fabric shopping at the westside Joann's after dropping Matt off at the field. Today's score? Shiny tulle at 40% off)----and a visit to both Menard's and Lowe's so that we could set just a couple of our lasagna beds: Yeah, if it looks like the girls helped, they totally didn't.


Abby said...

Okay, the kerchiefs are brilliant and adorable. When Lily gets bigger, and grows back some hair - you are going to have to make her some.

Great photos.

julie said...

Oooh, baby kerchiefs--squeal!

Kimberly said...

The look on Sydney's face in that last picture is priceless!

julie said...

And in the earlier picture, where Willow is hugging Sydney around the neck while they're wearing their denim kerchiefs, she's not actually hugging her--she's keeping her away from the cricket she's holding in her other hand!