Monday, August 4, 2008

Our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium went something like this...

... Um, yeah, and we saw lots of fish, too.

While in Santa Cruz, I bought these unicorn band-aids and , which are awesome. And they actually stick, which is much more than I can say for the crap rainbow bandages I bought from Wal-mart one time when I was trying to help the girls rock their ouchies without contact from media characters. I have also, due to California's depth of stores, finally managed to make a pilgrimage to Torrid, the store of awesome clothes for curvy girls. I restrained myself, in this crazy spree of buying actual new clothes (It felt weird, the nice fitting room and the mirrors and the privacy, and the tags with the sizes RIGHT ON THEM, and not searching for stains--actually, I didn't like it very much), to stuff that I obviously couldn't make or modify myself, and thus I ended up with, among other treasures, this skull tank top (Me? A tank top? But it fits!) and this pair of denim capris with skulls embroidered on the cuffs (Me? Capris? But they fit!) and, um, this other skull tank (Sort of a theme here? But seriously, you don't know how many fat clothes I've seen with stuff like Tweety Bird on them--skulls make waaay better fat clothes), and a couple more things, and yeah, one more thing with skulls.

In tomorrow's update--dinosaurs! Yarn store! And the grand revelation of the first rows of my very first real knitting project! Oh, and we're going to Berkeley.

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