Thursday, August 7, 2008

Berkeley Has Dinosaurs

Berkeley has dinosaurs:
And ample opportunities for knitting. Here's the first 24 hours of my Ravenclaw scarf, from Charmed Knits: Projects for Fans of Harry Potter:
You can see that I messed up the color change--I was supposed to change colors, knit two rows, then tie the new color on, but I added the silver, knit two rows with both, then thought, "Huh. That looks like crap." Knitting must bring out my anal side, because I actually thought for a minute about unraveling the silver and trying again, but I don't unravel--I've barely begun convincing myself to rip out missewn seams on the rarest of occasions. Eh, it adds character. And I did teach myself circular knitting in the very back seat of a minivan driving over the mountains, and I'm prone to motion sickness, so there you go.

Next up, San Francisco! More knitting!

P.S. It didn't take long for the unicorn band-aids to see some action:

I can't convince the girls to try out the skull-and-crossbones ones, however; guess they'll be for me, darn.

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