Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Queen of the Fair

The Grand Champion Rabbit can see into your soul:Yes, peeps, it was an evening at the Monroe County Fair--we didn't ride any rides, being as we're going back again tomorrow night with my friend Betsy, but we did eat an elephant ear and nachos and a hot dog and a purple snowcone, nurse (at least a couple of us) in the Lactation Station, visit every single animal, look at all the rides and talk about which ones will be ridden tomorrow (um, all of them?), and check out our contest entries over in the Community Building. It was a red-letter day for our family in the Community Building, let me tell you.

Do you think our little prize winner looks proud of herself? Will has no concept of competition, obviously, but she was beside herself to see her work "in the museum, Momma!" She was a tad bittersweet about visiting her award-winning dinosaur collection, however...
...because she hasn't played with them since last Wednesday and she can't have them back until Sunday. Poor little dino-less lamb.

I was no less stoked about having my own work up "in the museum":
My photo of Will in the Exploratorium won a first place and my other two photos won second places; both my stuffed dinosaurs, the faux fur and the felted wool one, won first places in sewing, as did my pillowcase dress, netting me a champion ribbon in the sewing with recycled materials class, and my T-shirt quilt, soldered glass pendant, and felted wool flower pin all won first place, as well:
Some of them also had honor ribbons, as well, but I don't know what those are for--the Monroe County Extension Homemakers can tend to be a little arcane. I am totally going to join them...but do you think you're allowed to have a job AND be a homemaker? Or is it okay if you're a really unsuccessful homemaker, because I don't actually give a flip about cleaning? But I'm so sold on them because at their meetings...they do CRAFTS! Who could not like that? And I bet there's food. I love anyplace with food.

We're going back to the fair again tomorrow, but there will be less self-absorption--
--I swear. I'll actually check out, you know, what other people made, instead of just mooning over my own stuff, which I already know what it looks like.

P.S. I decided on eyes but no mouths for my simple dolls. Freaky, but awesome.


Kimberly said...

Yup, you can have a job and be a member of the extension club :-) I work with a couple of ladies that are members. Very nice ladies :-) Congrats on your wins!

julie said...

Oh, awesome--I tell you, I am convinced that Extension Club is where it's at. How was Indy?