Sunday, December 14, 2014

My Latest: Homemade Clothing Tags, Toilet Paper Tube Toys, and a Ceiling Fan Pottery Wheel

a look at this pottery wheel that uses a ceiling fan motor--I think I'm going to make this!

I suppose that I should tell you that I'm super stressing out this week, with some big etsy orders to fill, Christmas presents to make, and various other festive holiday requirements to complete, but honestly, I'm still riding on the relief of having passed Nutcracker season, and nothing else compares. 

I'm sure that NEXT week, when I've got to finish those Christmas presents and wrap them right this minute, and then pack, and then finish up all the rest of my holiday prep by the deadline, I'll be stressed again, but for today, I'm going to eat a bacon, egg, and kale sandwich on toast while drinking coffee and reading the newspaper. I'm going to drag the toaster oven outside so that the kids and I can make melted bead Christmas ornaments. I'm going to do a little more research for Girl Scout cookie sale season (starts in January!). I'm going to work on some Christmas presents, but probably not finish any. I'm going to get the kids to write their letters to Santa, and email the paleontologists at the Children's Museum to tell them that we'd like to work in the fossil prep lab this week. I'm going to take one kid to chess club, and then we might all go out for a doughnut, as she's been wanting.

Plenty of time to get stressed next week!

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