Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Latest: Dollhouses, Pumpkins, and Pants

a round-up of pumpkin recipes

a round-up of dollhouse projects

These pants were *supposed* to be for Will, but as the first pair of pants that I've sewn her since her recent series of growth spurts, I measured only her waist size, NOT her hip size, and therefore the poor girl couldn't actually get them on!

And that's how it's Syd here who's showing off what then became HER brand-new pair of pants:

Unfortunately, that plain blue was the only length of flannel that I had in my stash that was somewhat normal, so the five or so pairs of pants that I did eventually manage to sew for Will are significantly louder and more chaotic, but fortunately, my girl is pretty loud and chaotic, herself, and she loves them. 

And if anyone in town ever sees a lost kid who's wearing flannel pants that are pink with horses on one leg and grey with butterflies on the other, or are blue with checks on one leg and blue with stripes on the other, then it will immediately be clear who she belongs to!


Tina said...

I'm not sure I will be able to figure out how to sew pants for Emma once she has hips. I suck at following patterns and right now I pretty much just wing it.

Oh well, I guess we'll figure out how to cross that bridge when we get to it!

julie said...

Those hips are definitely a wrench in the works, to be sure!

These are simple elastic-waisted jammy pants, so I just went up a size to an Adult Small--they're VERY roomy now, but I've decided that just means that they'll fit her when she's a small adult.


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