Friday, October 31, 2014

La Maestra

The kids and I began Song School Spanish a few weeks ago, and I'm loving it. The vocabulary IS mostly the same as in Song School Latin, just as I'd hoped, and this makes it easy to review--every day when we do memory work, I ask for the Latin translation of the relevant vocabulary terms just as I ask for the Spanish translation. I'm hoping that it will become natural for the children to differentiate and compartmentalize the different languages; unfortunately, I never did so, and although I have a reading and grammatical knowledge of several languages, whenever I try to communicate in them, what comes out is a sort of Spanglish-Icelandic-Welsh-Latin-Anglo-Saxon mish-mash. Not super comprehensible, but thank goodness for cognates!

My new favorite portrait actually comes from an assignment in the first chapter of Song School Spanish. The children were asked to draw a picture of their maestra or maestro; here's what Syd drew:

Other than the troubling depth of my crotch--and, well, the length of that one arm--this portrait is surprisingly spot-on, and I adore it. Yes, I do wear my hair like that. Yes, I always wear pants (clumsy, remember?). Yes, I'm always barefoot.

And yes, on this day I was wearing a T-shirt of Matt's that did read "God of War." It's a video game. The video game is just as inappropriate as it sounds, but the T-shirt's okay, other than, you know, the whole "God of War" thing.

I own MUCH more embarrassing clothing than this, though, so we all got off lucky.


Tina said...

Love it! Looks like those drawing lessons are working out pretty well :0)

julie said...

They are! It's still not Will's favorite subject, but she's not negative about her skills now the way that she used to be. I really see her using creativity to make up for any "flaws" that she perceives in her work.

Ellen Schneider said...

If you're looking for fun Spanish stuff to do with the kids, check out the stuff this guy has done. A lot of his videos are free and worth checking out.


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