Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone Sleeps Sometime

It's generally Matt's job to put the babies to bed--I only take over on the somewhat infrequent occasions when he begins to shout. My bedtime strategy is a little different--whereas Matt reads books, sings lullabies, and then lies down with the littles and makes them close their eyes so he can play inappropriate video games (his success with that last part is often the subject of some vehement parent-to-parent debates, especially when Sydney comes to me in the morning and tells me, "I had a dream that I was a skeleton and I fought a big man with a sword." Thanks, God of War II).

My strategy is to lie down and read a boring book silently to myself, watch a boring TV show (bonus points if it's in Spanish), or, perhaps most often, just go to sleep myself.

As Matt documented, it's not necessarily pretty, but it does work:

See my red snowflake-print pajamas? Cute, right? And oh-so seasonal...


cake said...

great shot.
i am sad that you are going on a trip right now. it means you probably won't get to check out the blackberry patch...
did you get the treasure map?

Anonymous said...

Hey, whatever works, right? I think it's a rather touching scene, myself.

Abby said...


made my night.

julie said...

I should do a shot of how we all fall asleep every night for a week, and then post them all. It's ridiculous.

I looooooved the treasure map, which I got the day we were supposed to leave. I kept trying to figure out a way to work it into my schedule, like "Hey, if I pack the clothes dirty instead of clean, that might free up a couple of hours for berry-picking!" I was DEVASTATED that I didn't make it--promise you'll let us go with you next year?

cake said...

oh, i bet it is not too late. i haven't been out there in a few days, but i'm pretty sure there are still berries out there. go check it out! we may go again. email me about it, if you feel like it. kayte8 at geemail dot com.
no need for devastation.


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