Sunday, August 10, 2014

My Latest: Furniture Refinishing and Pee Gardening

Although it was quite interesting having a real estate empire, on Friday Matt and I closed on our old house. I'm alternately thrilled at having the extra set of hands to move and unpack here, since prior to this most of Matt's attention was spent prepping our old house for the sale, and horrified that with that set of hands comes a mind with its own opinions about where things should go and how they should look--the nerve!!!

At the moment, Matt and I are locked in a battle of wills regarding the dresser that I painted chalkboard grey. It's solid wood and awesome, and I set it at the foot of our bed with our TV on top and our DVDs and my exercise equipment in its drawers. The TV doesn't have a lazy susan, however, and I need to be able to turn it so that I can exercise on the floor opposite while watching it, so Matt found, also on the side of the road, a cheapo, particle board and laminate TV stand that's ugly as hell and that I didn't spend a billion hours painting, BUT that does already have casters on for easy rotation. He wants to put that cheap-ass TV stand there in our bedroom, at the foot of our bed, instead of my gorgeous dresser.

Crazy, right? I know!

Ooh, I know! Matt's at the gym right now--before he gets back, I think I'll go lift the dresser up and set it ON TOP OF the TV stand. He'll just love it, I'm sure.


Tina said...

I run into the same problem sometimes with my "hired" help. He starts questioning my carefully graphed and mapped rearranging plans and things kinda get ugly.

That's usually when I do that shut up and agree with him thing only for him to discover that I DID, in fact, know what I was talking about.

julie said...

Well, he might possibly be correct on this one, which is why I can NEVER let him know!


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