Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Prom Dress Refashions

and Syd's Prom dress pants, the final piece in our 2014 Trashion/Refashion Show entry

For me, it's hard to top the sweetness, prettiness, and innocence of last year's Rose Dress, but I have to say that I really, really, REALLY like this year's outfit, which Syd named Upside-Down Orange (it's colored like an orange on a green stem, only upside-down, see? I know, I know--just don't think about it). Perhaps it's because this outfit, although less sweet, is awesomely fun, it's not gendered super feminine (and if you've known Syd for the long haul, you'll realize that's something that I, at one time, thought would NEVER happen in her personality), and for the first time, this year Syd was really able to help me sew it. I love this outfit, and Syd loves this outfit, and I think it shows:

You know who else is in love? The camera, with this kid. It's a running joke between me and Matt, because we're both hilariously unphotogenic. Matt, in particular, is rarely in a photo in which he's not in the middle of a blink, preferably with his eyelids unevenly closing, and ideally with his mouth open weird. And yet when I'm editing photos of this kid, in all other aspects his younger, female clone, I'm all like, "Gee, which of 100 almost identically beautiful shots of her should I keep?"

Holy smokes, it's 5:00 already! Syd's next to me at the table, working on her math, and Will's at the library, where she asked to be dropped off after horseback riding class (Guess we'll do Magic Tree House Club next Wednesday!), and now I'm off to head into the kitchen, turn on "All Things Considered," and make caramelized onion French bread pizza and chocolate cake. It's a carby dinner, yes, but when Matt comes home with Will, they're also going to bring with them the ingredients to make homemade ice cream, so we'll have plenty of sugar to even things out.


Tina said...

You two really did a great job on the outfit. It makes me think of an upside down pumpkin :0)

Totally cool that you can drop your kiddo off at the library. Mine throws a fit if I take too long going out to the shed for food from the deep freezer. I'm sure at some point she'll be ok on her own. Like when she's twenty. Maybe.

I'm not a fan of being in photos and my hubby is even worse. However, we both suck it up because at some point, we won't be here and Emma will want to share us with her family.

No judgement here on your meals. For the last three nights, we have had raw veggies and deviled eggs. Cause I was too lazy to cook. And tonight, Emma finally got tired of it and decided to make herself some pancakes. At the stove. Which terrifies her. She did great and they were yummy, even without the pound of syrup we dumped on them!

julie said...

I would LOVE some Emma-made pancakes!

That reminds me that I used to have the girls make dinner once every couple of weeks or so, but I eventually got tired of all the planning for ME that it involved, as well as the fact that kid-made dinners were always kind of pricey, as I focused more on half-prepared stuff (bagged salad, frozen fries, etc.) that would be easier for them.

Now that they're a year older, though, I wonder if I could reinvent the task in a more genuinely kid-led way...


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