Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Refashion

I would dearly like for Syd and I to finish the pants for her Trashion/Refashion Show outfit this week, so that next week I can watch out for a nice day to do her photo shoot. I think I've decided to sacrifice my frumpy old thrifted green coat, the one that I haven't worn since Christmas 2012 (when Matt bought me an awesome biker coat, complete with elbow and back pads to keep me safe when I fall off my Harley or get shot at), to the pants cause, hopefully re-using the coat's hardware for the pants fastenings, and then *maybe* using a couple of old green T-shirts for the bell bottoms that Syd dearly desires. Syd also dearly desires green sequins, but I just do not think that we're going to be able to score anything with green sequins to upcycle into the garment.

Seriously, there has been nothing with green sequins in any of the thrift stores for WEEKS. Are people with green sequined clothing finding them so justifiably hideous that they're choosing to burn them instead of donate them?

Yeah, I probably would.


Tina said...

Is she looking for a particular type of green sequin? We have some sequin on a spool that is shimmery but it's kinda one of those multi-color ones. I think. I would go pull it out, but Emma is in the bedroom reading a Rainbow Magic book to Syd and I have been informed not to interrupt :0)

Carrie Barnes said...


julie said...

You're so sweet, Tina! I didn't see this before, but I am thankful that Syd's grandma found her a dress that had some green sequins, mainly because I am SUPER thankful that the gigantic sewing project is OVER!

I think my next project is going to be homemade pillow pets for the kiddos' Easter baskets.


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