Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: The Kids are Sewing

See our Olympic nations Montessori map, before the kids got started on it?

Even though I may, personally, be feeling the late-winter blahs, I have to say that this may be the busiest Project Week I have ever witnessed. The kids have put together our entire set of Montessori puzzle maps and made their valentines for our big party tomorrow. Syd has drawn, worked on a model of the Statue of Liberty, finished her California vacation scrapbook, and built bizarre stuffed animal/toy car contraptions, all while listening to a never-ending selection of audiobooks. Will has built, painted, and mounted a birdfeeder; built, painted, and tested a pinewood derby car; built a model covered wagon, and helped me complete our set of Montessori pin flags. They've been to math class, been swimming, worked at our volunteer gig, and right now they're in the arena next to me happily trotting around on Cody and Lola. And it's only Wednesday!

I'd like to say that the early part of the week has been more restful for *me*, at least, but with the new plans running through my brain for a children's woodworking area and a homeschool pinewood derby competition, I just don't know...


Tina said...

We are jealous of your horse lessons. You would think Montana would have more to offer in all things equine :0(

I had to "ground" myself on Mondays and Tuesdays because with all the self-defense classes I was teaching and all the other times I was practicing on top of the other commitments we have my college classes were suffering. It's tough being an adult.

Love all projects going on over there!

julie said...

Maybe all the Montana kids learn to ride horses on their parents' ranches?


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