Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: How to Patch Your Pants

It's absolutely the time of year when we, at least, are spending more time thinking about mending and patches and lengthening, etc. Eventually, spring will come--I'm not buying those kids new warm pants! In addition, many of the kids' activities involve an absolute hell of keeping the proper clothes clean and organized. Aerial silks requires a leotard, leggings, and a cotton shirt on top. Horseback riding requires fingerless gloves, jeans, and heeled boots. Ice skating requires a sweater, a hat, and warm gloves (NOT the fingerless ones). Nature class requires, depending on the weather, fleece pants, a long-sleeved shirt, a coat, snow pants, wool socks, snow boots, gloves, and a warm hat, not to mention a backpack, notebook, pencil, water bottle, and packed lunch (including a warm soup or drink in a thermos).

Many of those activities also require thermal underwear:

These at least, are a source of endless hilarity, since we like to tell Syd that she's a ninja when she wears them, and we like to pretend that we can't even see Will.

Right now, as I write and as Syd works on her spelling and Will works on her math (kicking up a fuss because she's being asked to learn order of operations), I am already feeling fretful about the required clothing for today. Where, for instance, will we find those fingerless gloves, since we haven't been to horseback riding in a month? I'm sure that searching for them will be agony. And I know for a fact that the thermal underwear needs to be washed this morning, since the girls came home from nature class on Saturday muddy and filthy and wet to the skin, and yes I washed their snow pants and coats immediately after, but not the clothes underneath. And the aerial silks outfit... am I remembering Will spilling something on that after class last week, so that her shirt and leggings need to be washed, too?

I guess today turns out to be Laundry Day!

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