Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick-or-Treating with IU Basketball: Haunted Hoops!

It's another Halloween tradition! Every year IU Basketball holds a free Halloween event for families, with a basketball scrimmage, games, crafts, trick-or-treating, and a costume parade. Although both Will and Syd worked hard on their respective costumes (witch and cat) for the Big Day, I did manage to convince one of them to wear the IU cheerleading dress that I scored at Goodwill a few years ago just to this one event:

The cat insisted on remaining a cat:

Thank goodness the IU campus is so nice for frolicking--lets some of us get all that sugar energy out!

That makes for *slightly* fewer wiggles and whines during the scrimmage:

But after the scrimmage, it's time for candy! And a parade! And candy! And a photo with the IU basketball team! Check out who the girls got to sit next to during the group photo:

Coach Crean is a big-time local celebrity, so even Syd, who was unimpressed enough with the random man sitting next to her for the photo that when he said, "Thanks for sitting next to me!" nicely to her afterwards she stared at him blankly (obviously, we have gone over and over and OVER appropriate responses to kind small talk, sigh), became star-struck as soon as we'd walked away and a few people said to her, "Wow! You sat next to Coach Crean!". She kept wanting to tell people that she'd sat with this famous person, but she kept forgetting the name of that famous person, so she'd start off, "Guess what? I sat next to..." and then look at us for help.

Since the girls also participated in another Halloween event at the IU dorms, that makes TWO trick-or-treating events that they've done pre-Halloween, and I also could have taken them trick-or-treating at the mall, any of our several state parks, one of our local museums, and most of several retirement homes around town. Mind you, I love the fact that our community is so community-minded that it eagerly holds these activities for children, but I would love it even more if they spread it out a bit, you know? I don't even care about the sugar rush, because my girls don't have allergies and I let them eat it all and then it's gone, but we hate being over-scheduled and/or missing fun stuff, and our weekend was INSANE and we still missed a ton of stuff that the girls would have loved. We missed the Day of the Dead event at the Mathers Museum! We missed decorating mini pumpkins at Lake Monroe! Wouldn't it be fun if some place had a Thanksgiving event, and some other place had a Valentine's Day event, and some other place had an Independence Day event, etc.?

I'll totally run the salt dough cornucopia/construction paper Valentine/2014 calendar station!


Tina said...

That is a lot of Halloween activites! It would be pretty cool if the businesses would spread the holiday wealth throughout the year.

Oh to be able to eat all the candy with no issues. We let Emma eat the sugar only ones (skittles, starbursts, nerds, etc), but need to stay away from most of the chocolate ones.

Of course it would be super cool if people just gave out non-food items. We had one lady who use to give out nickles. Totally cool.

julie said...

We used to give out pencils and stickers and other non-food things (and I think we might have some leftovers of those for this year...), but the girls really wanted to give out candy this year, so I caved after years of being staunchly non-candy, sigh. If I do have leftovers that I can find, I might offer a choice of options in a large bowl, so a kid who knows she has allergies can inconspicuously grab a pencil or some stickers.

Tina said...

That's a great alternative! We -might- go trick-or-treating downtown tonight, but we might not. Just depends on how we feel. Most of the candy will probably end up in a bowl on her Da's desk at work.


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