Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Latest over at Crafting a Green World: Candle Bling and Kid-Made Jewelry

Both of my tutorials this week came from projects that were really, REALLY big hits with the kids. Over our post-Christmas staycation (oh, how we NEEDED those six days all at home, altogether!), as I worked on a new design for a rainbow beeswax candle--

--Syd worked very hard on a rainbow candle of her own:
Syd maps out her candle design before she begins.
She was pretty thrilled when I showed her how we could personalize her candle with these beeswax sheet cut-outs:
 On another day, I had the idea that the girls might like to use their brand-new, SUPER awesome gel pens (Thanks, Grandma Beck!!!) to make themselves some jewelry, so I cut pendants out of old cardboard record album covers for them. I had planned that they could decorate the blank backs of these pendants, so I fussy cut interesting abstracts from the front cover side, but Willow, who in general is less interested in creating her own drawings from scratch, discovered a passionate interest in (and quite a knack for) embellishing the printed images:

Don't they look great? Gel pens are the perfect tool for an artistic activity like this, because they're vibrant and they stick to a very wide variety of media, looking equally well on rough materials like newspapers and smash books and smooth materials like glossy magazine pages and photographs.

Grandma Beck bought each girl her own large set of gel pens in a metal case, and I keep unabashedly stealing each girl's set for my own work. Every now and then a kid, who has been well-ingrained to pick up her own stuff and who prizes her pen set and so WANTS to keep it nice, will walk by, notice her pen set mysteriously open mysteriously near me, and, giving me a quizzical look, will quietly pack it up and put it away again.

They don't yet know that their mother is a thief--don't YOU tell them!

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