Friday, January 4, 2013

A Big Rainbow Candle, and Taking Photos in the Snow

Newly listed, an 8" rainbow beeswax taper candle that I designed over the break:

I normally dread etsy photo shoots, because we have just zero nice lighting in our house, and finding nice outdoor photo locations for every single thing is a pain in the butt, but Will and I took these photos on Wednesday, while Syd was spending the day at day camp (a couple of times a year I'll enroll Syd in one of those day camps that the city runs on the days that public schools are out--we call these her "mental health days," because she gets to get away from me and Willow for the day!), and I discovered that taking photographs in the snow?

Is awesome!!!

I'd been waiting to take my photos until it was a blue sky day, then I took them in the shade with the perfectly white snow as a backdrop. I could not be happier with the results:

I'm contemplating going into crafty overdrive this weekend, to see what else I can come up with to photograph before the snow starts to melt later next week.

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