Friday, December 28, 2012

Snowy Day, North and South

Believe it or not, we had a White Christmas down in Arkansas!

Yes, the children are playing in a vacant lot, on great piles of fill dirt. America can stop building playgrounds now.

The next day, we drove back to Indiana, where it is also quite white:

Remember our girls only snow day a couple of years ago, when Matt couldn't bring himself to skip a day of work to stay home and play with us? Well, that's moot this week, because his office is CLOSED!!! We can make him play with us all we want!

This is good, because sometimes I flip over my sled and need to lie down for a while:
No, I'm not wearing a coat. I bought some silk long johns, and holy cow are they warm!
  And how can a person FLIP themselves over a sled, you ask?

It's easy when you've made yourselves a ski jump!

Tonight, all warm inside and tired out from sledding, we've got a Monopoly game going, dyed ice blocks freezing outside on the porch, and Weezer playing on the stereo. Syd's giving Wild Pony a bath, and I think I'm going to watch the Doctor Who Christmas special a second time, while eating a doughnut.

Oh, and it's snowing again.


Teresa Robeson said...

You guys drove back on the day you weren't supposed to be out on the road?! Glad you made it home safely.

We've not left our property since last Monday...luckily we have a seriously wicked sledding hill (we have two, actually) so the guys have been occupied and hubby only had one minor accident so far (I swear 50 year old men should play more carefully).

julie said...

I know, right? We have no common sense! To be fair, though, we didn't get to Indiana until that night, and by then most of the roads were totally clear.

Our total sledding injury count thus far is 2: Syd flipped her sled over on top of herself and scored a bloody lip, and Matt knocked himself in the groin doing what we call "The Superman."

Angela Pea said...

Fun! Fun! (Sans the sled injuries, of course.)

Silk Longjohns = bliss. I wore mine sitting outside all day at a Bowl Game this weekend and was toasty warm.

julie said...

Yeah, it was my first time wearing them outdoors, so I accidentally REALLY overdressed, since I'm so used to bundling up like crazy and still being cold. I got out in the snow, started sweating, and then had to start stripping!

So it appears that my resolution to obtain warm winter underthings to make the outdoors bearable has finally come to fruition--now I mainly only require VERY warm fingerless gloves with a flap to button them down into very warm mittens, so that I can still take photos, listen to my ipod, and read outside.


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