Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding Down a Snowy Slide

First there was sliding down a snowy slide:

Then inspiration struck the littles, and the slide instead became a place to sled:

After some serious immersion into sledding for a few days, the girls seem to have gotten it out of their system a bit, in that for the past couple of days they've been able to enjoy the snow in other ways, happy to explore in the yard instead of needing us to walk them over to the park to sled every time. I put together a couple of invitations for different exploratory activities in the snow--a set of colored ice blocks, and a tray containing the liquid watercolors in spritz bottles, colored sand in funnel bottles, and a bowl of birdseed with two spoons--and although the girls were too busy stomping around and exploring with their gross motor skills in the snow today to pay it all a ton of mind, I'm hopeful that they'll spend some time tomorrow making art outdoors.

Because tomorrow night the forecast calls for MORE snow, and then we'll have a fresh canvas to decorate again!

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