Saturday, December 1, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane

36 hours.

That's approximately the length of time that the girls and I spent at home, before we were off and away again.

Enough to sleep two nights in our own beds.

Enough to do the laundry, then repack it.

Enough, not actually enough to do anything else. We slept in our own beds for two nights, we did laundry, we repacked, then we were off and away again--this time with Matt, at least!

Matt's parents invited us to spend Thanksgiving with them, and a visit to them in California is extra-special, not just because the girls adore their Pop and Grandma Janie, but also because...

Airplane ride!!! It's been a couple of years since the girls were on an airplane, so the adventure was exciting all over again. The girls packed their dino backpacks with healthy snacks, their favorite stuffed lovey (Foxie for Willow, Wild Pony for Sydney), a couple of toys (the paper airplane, shown above, really wasn't the abysmal choice that I'd feared it would be, considering how empty this early-morning airport was), LOTS of books, and a CD case each of DVDs and audiobooks. Syd also has a portable CD player, but I provided my laptop for movies:

I tell you what, that Magic School Bus complete series may be the most useful thing that I have ever purchased. This is the third major trip that it has entertained the kids, and they never seem to get tired of it! AND it's educational!

And that's how we went coast-to-coast in four days.

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