Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Latest over at CAGW: Fallen Tree Branch Crafts

The latter involved--what else?--tons of wood play!
drilling holes the right size for crayons

It was a hard job, made easier when we learned how and why to drill pilot holes first.

Cutie little girl, blowing away the sawdust!

Of COURSE the big woodworking log has to get some love, too!
 I actually put away the work bench at the end of this weekend--gasp!--which, of course, didn't deter Sydney from putting together a train woodworking kit later that day, and won't deter the girls from smashing into the broken scanner that I have for them to disassemble later this week, but we've also got a lot of other important things to do in the next couple of weeks.

Jack-o-lantern carving, paper spiderweb cut-outs to create, costumes to assemble...you know, important stuff.


jaakaay said...

I love your blog and how creative you are with your kids - they are very artistic and will surely benefit from your schooling and projects!!

My only negative comment is that I wish you would have your kids wear some shoes when using power tools. I would hate to see one of them get hurt from an unexpected accident or wood sliver.


julie said...

Ha! Well, don't feel bad--you're not the first to judge my parenting!


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