Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Latest over at CAGW: Wooden Pallets and Sydney's Latest Moneymaker

My latest over at CAGW:

The kids had SO much fun with their melted wax play--scooping it, pouring it, melting crayons in it, spilling it, scraping it up--

You get the idea.

Sydney, my entrepreneurial child, had another idea, as well. With her sister's help, she set up "Sydney's Beeswax Crafts" on our front sidewalk, directly on the frequently walked and biked path to our neighborhood park:

Here's the first dollar that she earned:

She sold her hand-dipped beeswax candles and her poured beeswax shapes (still warm!), all for $1 each. Including the elderly gentleman who paid her $1 to go inside and go to bed that first evening--it was 8:30 pm, getting dark, and I had long ago despaired of getting the kid to come back inside, myself--my child earned eight dollars selling her beeswax crafts.

This is better than I have done at some craft fairs.

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melanie said...

If I had known about Sydney's booth, I would have come and bought some! :)


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