Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pirate Party Favor Bags

I have a huge stash of brown paper lunch bags, which have made fine favor bags for every birthday party that I've thrown since the beginning of time. They just need to be stenciled with a skull and cross-bones--

--filled with fake gold and silver coins, skull recycled crayons, skull melted bead suncatchers (more on that later), and a little package of shark-shaped fruit snacks (as a nod to my refusal to stock candy); and hidden in a treasure chest:

I'd thought about adding a black bow, or stenciling the names of the children on the bags, but ultimately I simply stapled them shut, and I'm glad that I did, considering that after the excitement of that treasure hunt,  the nine excited party guests couldn't have cared less what their favor bags looked like, as long as they were filled with loot!


kcassidy said...

this is great! You read my mind. Did you do this with black and green spray paint??? I love it!!

kcassidy said...


julie said...

For the spray paint, I used liquid watercolors in little spray bottles. They ran a lot, though, on the paper bags, probably because the paper is so absorbent. I know it's easy to make your own spray paint, at least to use in spray bottles like mine, from acrylics, too, and that probably would have been a better idea.


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