Monday, May 21, 2012

A TARDIS on My Laptop Sleeve

I'm not going to show you a tutorial for the creation of my laptop sleeve, on account of I did it wrong. I was so afraid of sewing the laptop sleeve too snug that I accidentally sewed it too roomy, and so now I'm pretending like I did it on purpose so that I can also sew our family ipad a protective sleeve, and then I can store the ipad in its sleeve inside the laptop sleeve with the laptop--it's that roomy!

Fortunately, nothing can salvage a poorly-sewn laptop sleeve like a freezer paper stenciled TARDIS.

the TARDIS stencil, originally a BBC freeware image, most recently and easily located at Crafty Lil' Thing

the finished TARDIS, with BLAIDD DRWG ("Bad Wolf" in Welsh, because I'm THAT big of a nerdy fangirl) cut out and ironed on, ready to paint

painted and drying--I had to hit the crafts store for TARDIS-blue Jaquard fabric paint, just so you know how far I'll go

...aaaaaaaaaaaand FINISHED!!! 

There you go--an homage to my current most favorite TV show, my most favorite character and plot line on that show, and a laptop sleeve that I like a lot now, even though it's secretly way too roomy for my laptop.


melanie said...

Soooo cool! I've only seen the first few episodes of Dr. Who (starting with "Rose") but I like it a lot! I might need a Buffy laptop sleeve. Or Firefly. Or Game of Thrones. or...

Tina said...

Dr. Who and freezer paper stencils? Just awesome!

julie said...

Yeah, the discovery of the TARDIS freezer paper stencil has basically changed my life. I'm attending a baby shower next weekend, and my handmade baby gift includes a TARDIS freezer paper stencil as an integral component.


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